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B L A D E & B U L L E T ;

the heine rammsteiner x naoto fuyumine community.

BLADE• a heine/naoto community.
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anything you post must be related to the pairing. this can include fanart, fanfiction, recent chapter discussions and/or news, or discussion about the pairing itself. general Dogs-related posts go to dogs_manga.
SPOILERS of any kind must be put under a cut, with a clear warning!
images larger than 500px should also be put under a cut!
intro posts are welcome here, but not mandatory.
irrelevant posts will either be deleted or given a warning.
wank or excessive spam will get you banned.
please tag your posts. if you don't know what tag to use, just ask a mod.
thank you for visiting bladexbullet! for other Dogs-related communities and sites, please refer to the links below.

dogs_manga; general Dogs comm
bulletsxcarnage; fanfiction comm
dogs_icons; icon community

miwa shirow's website
miwa shirow's pixiv
miwa shirow's twitter
the layout for this community was coded by daemon at the community spire. the image used in the header can be found here, and was edited by totem. the codes from the profile are by aztec at the community mintyapple.

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